The Delhi Police gives a slogan of safety and security, but criminals under their noses fearlessly carry out the crime and there is no help from the police. Something similar has happened in the Rahul murder case that shook Delhi. The place where Rahul was killed is just 50 meters from the Adarshanagar police post.

Rahul’s lady friend says that when Rahul was under attack, she also reached the police post. But the policemen lax. The distance of Rahul’s house from the police post is also only 60 to 70 meters. Rahul’s uncle also says that due to the laxity of the police, the attackers fled close to the outpost and escaped comfortably.

Rahul’s uncle told Aaj Tak that the whole family is feeling insecure. I am afraid that someone might come and do some scandal again. When the Aaj Tak team turned to the police post with an opportunity, the SHO was also at the checkpoint. SHO closed the door on seeing Aaj Tak’s team. Several policemen present in the police post were talked about the girl’s claim.

Policemen were also seen cutting off questions related to this case. If someone says that they were on leave that day, then someone says that the senior officer will tell. Significantly, the incident is on 7 October. In the late night of October 7, Rahul, who was seriously injured in the fight, was admitted to the BJRM hospital in an unconscious state, where he succumbed during treatment.


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