The nursery admission race is going to start in private schools of the capital Delhi. For this, the Directorate of Education has issued guidelines on Wednesday. Under this, the application process will start from 18 February. In such a situation, parents are worried about the admission of children. A caution related to the application of the parents can reduce their problem, in which the distance from home to school can be guaranteed for admission.

Schools give 50 to 70 marks of distance.
Schools have been making school merit the basis for nursery admission. Under this, schools have to adopt select criteria to make admission merit. In this, marks are given to the child applying on the basis of distance from home to school, single child, sibling, parents being alumni of the school. The highest score is based on distance from school to home. Many schools score up to 70 out of 100 in this category. At the same time, 10 to 30 marks in other categories are given from schools.

There are 62 criteria for admission.
Even though schools are allowed to choose the criteria for restricted admission criteria, the Delhi High Court has banned 62 criteria in one of its earlier decisions. It includes first-come-first-serve, parental interviews, parental education, transfer job, oral examination, admission marks based on the date of birth of the children, joint family, non-vegetarian, vegetarian and smoking, language and financial basis, special qualifications of the child, Two photographs of the child are included, such as management quota.

Fee of Rs 25
for application form Parents will have to pay a fee of only Rs 25 for application form for nursery admission. Parents will be able to submit this fee online. Whether or not parents want to purchase the school brochure for the application. This feature is kept optional. Parents will have to pay an additional fee for this.

Preparations of Tej With the
issuance of guidelines for nursery admission, private schools have also stepped up their preparations. According to Bharat Arora, the general secretary of the Private School Action Committee, school norms have been drawn up for a transparent admissions process. It will be uploaded by the education directorate by the deadline.


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