Since the introduction of GST in the country, cases of GST input tax credit evasion of Rs 35.50 thousand crore have been detected so far. Delhi has been at the forefront of GST input tax credit evasion. The government has also made more than 400 arrests in nearly four thousand cases related to GST theft. In the coming days, the government is preparing to deal with these incidents on a war footing through data analytics.

According to information given by the government in Parliament, during July 2017 to December 2020, there has been massive tax evasion by issuing fake invoices. According to the data, a total of 3852 fake GST invoices were issued during this period. It has detected theft of input tax credit of Rs 35,620 crore. According to the Department of Revenue of the Ministry of Finance, 300 companies were engaged in this work and 404 people have also been arrested in this racket. According to the data, Delhi has been at the forefront of the GST input tax credit evasion by amount.

187 fake invoices issued in Delhi 187 fake invoices were issued in
Delhi, which revealed the maximum theft of input tax credit of Rs 7922 crore. Not only this, Delhi has the highest number of arrests of 73 in comparison to the whole country. According to the information given to ‘Hindustan’, many chartered accountants have also been involved in these arrests. Maharashtra is second in the case of fake input tax credit, where 7147 crore theft cases have been caught and 668 fake invoices have been reported. At the same time, fraudulent disclosures of Rs 5553 crore in Telangana and Rs 4489 crore in Haryana have been revealed.

Things are better in states like UP and Bihar. In Uttar Pradesh, 160 fake invoices involving Rs 1860 crore have been issued and 19 arrests have been made. While the fraud of Rs 169 crore has been detected in Bihar and Rs 317 crore in Jharkhand.

The government is going to insist on making the tax system easier in the coming days, but at the same time it will also try to take strict action against such cases of theft. According to a senior official associated with the case, the government is now monitoring the movement of goods through technology. Also, the income and expenses of the people through data analytics and artificial intelligence are closely monitored by the authorities, which will make it difficult for thieves to escape.


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