This time, even in Delhi government schools, children up to class 8 will not be tested. The Delhi government has issued guidelines for schools aimed at evaluating students in the academic session 2020-21, stating that there will be no offline examination for students of classes III to VIII in government and government aided schools. Students will be evaluated on the basis of ‘worksheet’ and ‘assignment’. Parents of students who do not have digital medium facilities should be called and assigned.

The Delhi Education Directorate has said that children from nursery to second grade will be promoted to the next class. Children from KG to second grade should be given grades / marks based on their winter vacation assignments and online / offline worksheets done during the Corona epidemic.

Rita Sharma, Under-Director of Education Department in Delhi, said, ‘Since there is no education in classes at the primary and middle level, students from third to eighth grade were evaluated through subject-wise projects and assignments instead of general examinations. Go.

As per the guideline, 30 marks will be given on the worksheet from 3rd to 5th grade, 30 marks on assignments given during winter holidays and 40 marks on projects and assignments to be given between March 1 to 15.

Similarly, from sixth to eighth grade, 20 marks will be given on the worksheet, 30 marks on assignments given during winter holidays and 50 marks on projects and assignments given from March 1 to 15.

Sharma said, “If a student does not have a digital device (mobile / laptop) and internet, then following the Kovid-19 guidelines, parents of such children will be called to school and they will be given a hard copy of the project and assignment. ”

Since no classroom teaching-learning has taken place at primary & middle level, formal mode of pen & paper assessment is replaced by assessment based on subject wise assignment / projects for class 3rd to class 8th for all govt & govt aided schools: Directorate of Education , Delhi

– ANI (@ANI) February 24, 2021
The Directorate stated, ‘The purpose of this evaluation is to understand the impact of alternative reading methods. Also, the information obtained from the assessment will be helpful in preparing the course material and the strategies for reading in the next session.

Significantly , due to Corona virus epidemic in Delhi, schools remained closed for several months. Permission was granted to open schools from 9th to 12th in the month of February. Children’s online classes ran for most of the academic year.

Last year students from nursery to eighth grade were promoted to the next class without examination due to Corona.


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