Officials of the Urban Development Department of the Delhi government have written a letter to the commissioner of the three MCDs expressing concern over the non-payment of salaries to the employees, including doctors, para medical staff of other hospitals including Hindurao and Kasturba under MCD.

In the letter, officials said that MCD should resolve the issue of salaries of doctors and other employees of these hospitals soon. If they are unable to pay salaries and run hospitals, then hand it over to the Delhi government, the Delhi government will run these hospitals and also give salaries to all on time. With this, the patients, their relatives and the people of Delhi will be able to avoid the trouble in this era of Kovid epidemic.

Recently, Health Minister Satyendar Jain in the Delhi Government had said that the Resident Doctors Association of Hospitals of the Corporation warned that if their unpaid salaries were not paid on time and MCD would fail to pay them within the given time If they are, they will go on strike.

Due to the problem of non-payment of salary to medical staff and due to the strike, there is a lot of inconvenience in getting proper treatment of Kovid patients and due to this the Delhi government has been admitted to Hindu Rao Hospital for medical care, and Kovid and other patients are admitted to Lok Nayak Hospital I was forced to shift to 

The letter addressed to the MCD Commissioners raised serious concerns about non-payment of salaries, wages and other arrears to medical, para-medical and other employees working in Hindu Rao Hospital, Kasturba Hospital and other DMC hospitals. 

The letter mentions that the inability to pay salaries and other dues on time has resulted in such a situation that Kovid patients are not being given proper treatment and other patients are being treated by the Hindu Rao Hospital for medical care. Delhi Government’s Lok Nayak Hospital is being forced to shift.

The letter states that the delay in payment of salaries and wages has created a state of ‘anguish’ between doctors and medical staff, and inconvenience to patients and residents of Delhi in the treatment of Kovid.

In this regard, it is noteworthy that under the current recommendations of the Fifth Delhi Finance Commission, the first and second installments of Basic Tax Assignment (BTA) by the UD Department and Grant-in-Aid (GIA) by the Departments of Health and Education are already in the financial year 2020- DMC has been released for 21.

Apart from these amounts released, the DMC has its own sources of revenue generation and thus will have to ensure adequacy of funds to pay salaries for front line health workers in DMC hospitals during the Kovid epidemic.

The Additional Director (Local Body) has directed the MCD to expeditiously release all payments of salaries, wages and other salaries of doctors, para medical and other employees and report to the Urban Development Minister, Government of Delhi. please present. 

He has also said in the letter that if the MCD is unable to pay salaries and is facing difficulties in running the hospitals, they should consider handing over their hospitals to the Delhi government, so that the medical staff as well as Delhi The general public can be saved from any further inconvenience. 


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