The Government of Delhi is formulating a policy for regulation of private coaching institutes operating in the national capital and is preparing guidelines for basic facilities, fees and security measures in these institutions. Officials gave this information.     

The Delhi government has taken cognizance that private coaching institutes are running a parallel system of education and as of now they are not under the purview of any rules or laws which the students are suffering.      

The government has asked coaching institutes with more than 20 students to get their registration in the Directorate of Education. The government is also considering collecting data of such institutions which include infrastructure, land, basic facilities, fees, security standards etc. of institutions.      

Yogesh Pal Singh, Assistant Education Director, Delhi, said that the number of such institutes in Delhi is increasing rapidly where admission to medical, engineering or other professional courses and coaching for examination of government and private jobs is given.      

Singh said, “Students from all over India come to the city to prepare for such exams and take admission in coaching institutes. These institutions are running parallel education system and are still not under the purview of any rules or laws, which the students have to suffer. ”     

Referring to the tragic incident of 22 students who died due to fire in a coaching institute in Surat, Gujarat, Singh said that taking cognizance of such incidents, the government gave guidelines for basic facilities, fees and security measures in private coaching institutes. Have decided to decide. He said that due to lack of proper regulation, fraud and fraudulent incidents also arise in such institutions. Singh said that is why there is a need to bring the operations of coaching institutes in Delhi under the regulatory process. 


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