The proposal to open 40 new Aadhaar centers has been approved in the South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) standing committee meeting. In this regard, Chairman of the Standing Committee, Rajdutt Gehlot says that in the first phase, ten centers will be opened soon. A fee of Rs 30 to Rs 100 will be charged for making Aadhaar at these centers.

He informed that the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has given recognition to various states, central ministries, banks etc. for Aadhaar registration. In this episode, the South Corporation has also been recognized as a Registrar by the Unique Identification Authority. With the recognition, South Corporation can enroll citizens for Aadhaar. He said that people have to wait a long time to get Aadhaar built and amended in Delhi and due to fewer centers, people go to far-flung centers to get this work done.

The Standing Committee Chairman said that the jurisdiction of South Corporation is spread over 656 square meter kilometers, which has four zones and a population of about 56 lakhs. After the recognition of the South Corporation as the registrar, people will not have any problem in building Aadhaar now. He informed that ten centers are being opened in the first phase. It will have five permanent and five will be mobile. After this the number of these centers will be increased to 40.

These mobile centers will work in different wards according to the convenience of the people. It was also told that a fee of Rs 100 will be incurred for making new Aadhaar, Rs 100 for biometric updates and 30 for e-KYC and Rs 50 for other amendments.


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