Deepika Padukone shares her daily routine, actress appears to have fun in the video

Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone takes great care of her fitnet. Deepika, along with her fans, is seen sharing her workout photos and videos on the coming days. Fans are always keen to know about their favorite star’s daily routine. Recently, the actress has shared a video on her Instagram account to stay connected with her fans, in which she is seen telling about her daily routine. This video is being seen a lot by the viewers on social media. Fans are seen giving their feedback on this video.

Along with sharing the video, Deepika wrote in the caption, ‘My Daily Routine Watch till the end.’ Deepika is seen roaming the streets of Mumbai in the video. At the same time, she is telling her fans that it is really difficult for me to tell because every day is not the same. I brush as soon as I wake up in the morning and then breakfast. I like my morning to be a little quiet and then after that I do workouts.

The person making the video asked Deepika a question, do you plan your daily routine a lot. In response to which Deepika says, I do or don’t. It seems to me that if I am doing any work and make a plan, then it is more right. At the same time, I also like to leave things independent and allow things to happen as they are happening.


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