Actress Deepika Padukone was seen buying household items on Friday. The actress recently told that she does not depend on her team to buy household goods or grocery and goes shopping herself. The actress was spotted in Mumbai wearing a black hoodie and wearing sunglasses from the shopping mall. She had several bags in her hands and was seen sitting in the car. She then appeared in a restaurant with her husband Ranveer Singh and director Shakun Batra. Deepika Padukone had told in an interview that she likes to do her domestic work on her own. Even her actor husband Ranveer Singh often asks her why you do this.

Deepika Padukone had told Femina magazine in an interview recently, ‘My days are also like ordinary people. Sometimes I get up and there is no water in the tap. There are many problems with staff. This happens in any home or institution. I have to handle such problems. This is how I grew up. I do not know whether I do this thinking or whether it is my nature. But from packing, unpacking, ordering groceries, managing the house, I do all the work myself.

Deepika Padukone says that many times her husband Ranveer Singh says that why do I keep getting involved in these things, but I have no other way than this. Deepika Padukone says that I am very home proud and hardworking. Talking professionally, Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone will be seen in the upcoming film ’83’.

This film is being directed by Kabir Khan. In this sports drama movie, Ranveer Singh will play the role of Kapil Dev, while Deepika Padukone will be seen in his wife’s role. In this way, real-life husband and wife will now play the role of wife and husband onscreen too.


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