Deepika Padukone again embroiled in controversy due to new ed, accusations of theft

A new advertisement by Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone has been mired in controversies. This advertisement belongs to the international brand Levi’s Jeans. This ad concept is accused of stealing. Along with this, it has been accused of copying the sets and backgrounds used in this advertisement of Deepika. However, the production designer of this advertisement, Rupin Pointer, also accepted it.

This advertisement of Deepika has been accused by Suni Tarporewala, the director of the film ‘Yeh Ballet’ and the screenwriter of Hollywood films. He has accused the advertisement of stealing the set and concept of ‘Ye Ballet’. Rupin, the advertising designer of the advertisement, has claimed that the advertising director of Leviès, Nadia Marquardt Ojjan, had asked him to create an advertisement in this manner.

Condemned stealing concept

SUNI has condemned the concept of stealing and copying. He said that he did not expect such a big company like Levi’s. Along with this, he also condemned the growing copying incident in India. They have described it as intellectual theft. He wrote in his social media post, “Two days ago someone told me about this advertisement of Lewis.”

See here Suni Topirewala’s Instagram post-

Set copy

Sunny further wrote, “I was surprised to see this ballet dance studio set in this advertisement because it was conceptualized and created by our production director Shailaja Sharma and it was removed after the shoot was completed. Our copy of this set An attempt has been made to do it. Can the brand and the directors of this advertisement think of doing so without permission abroad? ”

See here Dipika Padukone’s advertisement-

Suni raised questions

Suney further posed the question, “Will they be able to bear it if they do it with their own creative work? It’s an intellectual theft. How would it have felt to see Shailaja Sharma face such a creative work?


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