Deepam.. Deepam.. Deepavali: Diwali is a festival of light. Called Diwali by other countries, this celebration is celebrated in different parts of the world. It is also spread among them. The meaning of the word Deepavali is a collection of lamps. That is why Deepavali is called the festival of lights. Dispels the darkness and bathes the whole area in color with light. Ghoshal itself is Diwali. Aoshi celebrates Deepavali as the victory of good over evil. That is. Deepavali is popularly known as a festival celebrated with Dipalankaras. We can say. Deepavali is celebrated on Amavasi day in the month of Libra. This utsa is celebrated by Hindus, Jains, and Sikh’s lighting lamps and bursting firecrackers. Bringing

As time passed, the circumstances changed. The air, the water, and the earth itself became polluted. Diwali day in North India especially in state-level Jananga Must say it’s turning out to be a scary day. of Air pollution is dangerous even on normal days. Passing to Only during the lockdown period during the Covid period, did most of the capital residents Breathe in the gas. Both Yamuna and Ganga have flowed without water.

When people burst firecrackers on Diwali days, it is terrifying. Making the state capital a desalination zone. For several days, the doctors of the capital have been giving medicine to many patients. There is a note to give – move out of Delhi and stay. Burn the lamps for a while… but leave the firecrackers… The government is making people aware. Stronger legal action against crackers That is the thing that needs to be said. However, fireworks burst every Diwali in Delhi. Fireworks worth lakhs of rupees are fired once in every region. If true, today it may be seen as very less.

Air pollution due to the use of fireworks by people in the state capital It is solemnly thought that the strength of Karnath is increasing. To think that people have refrained from bursting firecrackers on a large scale. What is All the houses are beautifully decorated with electric lights? Will change. The light of LED lights makes every area very impressive. Deepam means lamp. Vali means Nira. A large row of lamps.

Gifts are given to each other on Diwali, especially in North India. Which is also important. Employers often get one month’s salary as a bonus. In Kerala, it is similar to what Tozhilali gets on Onam day. People driving vehicles to distribute gifts on Diwali is used more and more. It also causes the level of air pollution to increase. There is And there is a great history in the whole state. Air pollution is only brought about by restrictions on the bursting of rockets. The sewage department said that it is not possible to reduce the number during Diwali. The notification cannot be ignored.

Cleaning houses in North India on Diwali Rayenda is one. Clean the entire house and get rid of anything unnecessary. Before Diwali, people pay attention. Buy anything brand new on Diwali in North India The families are regular. There will be huge crowds in Kachchavada establishments on Diwali days. That is why the products are available at a huge discount these days.

Diwali has many legends and beliefs. There are many legends behind Diwali. Sri Rama returned to Ayodhya after 14 years of exile. A legend says that Ghosh is Diwali. A belief prevalent in South India is another. Deepavali commemorates Lord Krishna’s slaying of Narakasura. . Another legend says that Deepa is an important day for Bhagwati. It is called pull. People worship Mahalakshmi for poverty alleviation. Dhana Lakshmi Puja is mainly performed. This day is important in Bhagwatishekshetras. Vardhamana Mahavira tells the legend of Jainism. Deepava is celebrated to commemorate the attainment of Nirvana. The name is Li.

Narakasura slaying is a very popular legend for Diwali. Narakasura is the son of Bhumi Devi. Therefore Lord Maha Vishnu accepted the request of Bhumi Devi. Narakasura was given Narayanastra. As long as the Narayanastra is in his hand, with his wife, none other than Maha Vishnu. Varasiddhi also gave that no one can kill him. After attaining Narayanastra, Narakasura’s appearance changed and Triloka became Rathum and started to become a nuisance. In the kingdom of Narakasura, no one except demons had access. . When Narakasura’s cruelties were over, Lord Indra Havishnu’s approach caused grief. On hearing this Narakasura became Garudarudha along with Lord Mahalakshmi. reached the state of being Engaged in war and killed Narakasura. The Devanmar, who rejoiced at the killing of Narakasura, lit the lamps and cheered. They shared their happiness by humming and giving sweets. It is in memory of this that the joy that shines the light of goodness on earth. This legend that Mai Diwali has changed is very famous.

Diwali is celebrated as father’s day in Bengal. Great Rods to Guide the Fathers Coming to Earth on this Day Their enthusiasm is to raise it and light a lamp in front of it. Special pujas are also held for this purpose. In Vatsyayana’s Kamasutra, Diwali is the night of the yakshas. Madhubani Mahotsava is the main excitement of that day. Deepa is associated with Mahabali in Brahmin families of North India. Vali Aghosham is doing it. There are many legends surrounding Deepavali.

Diwali celebrations are held in many places and in many ways. If the Diwali excitement lasts for five days in North India, the South Deepavali excitement in India is mainly for one day only. Everywhere, dreams and madhuram are prominent. In the changed situation, the abundance of guns was omitted.


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