The Delhi High Court has expressed its displeasure over the non-submission of a verified copy to the party for not being signed by the concerned judge even after about 8 months of the decision in the case related to the marital dispute. Taking this seriously, the High Court has summoned all the records and documents related to the case from the Family Court.

Justice Pratibha M. Singh has directed the concerned court to present the complete record in the case by Friday. Hearing the case, he said that it is not only a serious matter but also unusual. He has directed the High Court Registrar General Manoj Jain to get all related documents related to the case in physical or electronic form from the Family Court. He has also been asked to present them in the hearing to be held on Friday.

On behalf of the petitioner, lawyer Juhi Arora told the High Court that his client had applied for divorce under a mutual agreement. The lawyer said that the family court at Rohini accepted the verdict on July 20, 2020 for the first phase. The petition said that the petitioner should have got a verified copy of the order on the same day, but after about 8 months had passed, the copy of the judgment was not found.

Advocate Arora told the High Court that his client was not being given a copy of the judgment merely because the judge concerned had not signed it yet. The lawyer told the High Court that his client was not able to apply for the second phase of divorce because he could not get a verified copy of the first phase of divorce. In the petition, the High Court has been asked to order the family court to sign the verdict as soon as possible and provide the verified copy to the petitioner so that he can apply for divorce for the second phase.


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