Debraj Bhattacharjee: People Forget Very Easily, And They Remember: What we have tried is to introduce Badalbabu to those who don’t know. Very little and very simple.

From acting to music – Devaraj Bhattacharya is closely involved in both these fields in ‘Rupakatha of Vallabhpur’. However, which identity does he prefer to promote himself: actor or music director? told TV9 Bangla.

Do you think that the audience is accepting ‘The Tale of Ballabpur’ in this way, because of the close association of the theater with your team?

No, not exactly. Most of the people who are acting now come from theatre. Especially in the case of Bengal. Therefore, it is difficult to say separately that he did not do theater, he has no theater training, and therefore he is a bad actor. The difference is, some work more in films, and some in theatre. Some are doing both in equal measure. This correspondence did not happen to me. That’s why I joined Minerva in 2013. There was a time when Nirvana was also there. I stayed till 2018. If you enter there, you can’t work anywhere else. Then I started working in front of the camera. So I am new in front of the camera. So I will say, ‘The theater has been so good because everyone has worked’, which people are saying, in my opinion, it is better not to raise this topic. Everyone is a performer at the end of the day.

What do you think ‘Fairy Tales of Vallabhpur’ did that touched the hearts of the audience?

We have already given the answer in the song. ‘Dark Hall, Light Hall, Hall Detective, from the mundane to the classics are zero-dimensional’. all done The audience has seen all the works of Jan. The style of comedy that was in the old film was disappearing somewhere. You will see that there is no obscene word in the picture. All very simple comedy. This simple thing was probably lacking for several days. This is probably the main reason behind the screenplay being liked.

Several images remain. Is ‘Ballabhpur’s Rupkatha’ also able to write its name in that list?

It is very difficult to predict whether the picture will last long or not. Because people are moving very fast now. Most things are left behind and moving forward. As a result, the answer will be available after a long time. People forget very easily. Again, they keep it in mind. And now so many options have increased… there are so many types of entertainment around, so after two-three years it will be understood whether the audience like ‘Patalghar’ or ‘Bhooter Bhavadi’ remembers this film or not.

Simple story, and meticulously crafted, sound plays a big role. Especially when tense tension, and fear these topics arise. What was the first thing that was kept in mind when it came to background music?

First of all we kept the instrumentation in mind. How is that… this story is like from the sixties. 1961 background. That’s what we kept in mind: exactly what music was like back then. What musical instruments were used? We studied it. So I proceeded with the old melody of Bengali songs. So sard, sitar, sareangi, harmonium, dotara… I weaved the songs with these.

In many films, music becomes the main tool. The songs of this film are very popular. Are the songs arranged in this way according to the needs of the story of the film or should the song become a different introduction to this film?

Look, there are no songs in Badal Sarkar’s drama, the way Anirban wanted to arrange it, that’s what happened. He had his own point of view, and we also agreed with that. Like ‘Sajo Sajao’, it is made from the context of Chanda and Rajbari, that it will be visualized so beautifully, Anirban had thought in advance. He wrote accordingly. That text of the old flavor. After hearing that, I understood how the picture of the song will be. Again, I can say about ‘Badal Sarkar’s song’, it is not a tribute, because this play is one of his creations. As a result, it is not the case that he is bringing his huge popularity to the fore in the film. What we have tried is to introduce Badalbabu to those who don’t know. Very little and very simple.

Is actor Devraj getting a call from Tollywood? No, no, the call did not come. When I did the ‘Wedding Expedition’ I did not do Vallabhpur. As a result, I was not so familiar. Now let’s see, who does not expect good work?


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