On Sunday, actress Debina Banerjee will also celebrate her birthday in lockdown this year. She will cut the cake at home with her parents and husband actor Gurmeet Chaudhary. Recalling the previous year, the actress says that the lockdown was a new incident that year. This year, she is feeling a bit uncomfortable. However, he has adapted himself to this environment.

Debina said, “It was a new thing for us last year when I celebrated my birthday in lockdown. During that time all my friends were on the zoom call. I thought this year would be different, but this time there is also a lockdown. , I am very upset by this. But now I realize that the real happiness lies in us which cannot be spoiled by this lockdown. I have motivated myself to be happy again. ”

She says, “Whatever is happening outside, we cannot control our happiness. Every happiness matters and life matters. The best thing is that we are all together. What difference does it make that we Can’t go out and holiday. ”

The actress has given this message to all those who are celebrating their birthday amid lockdown.


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He said, “Happiness is in us. So we should not let ourselves be influenced by external things. A little beauty and makeup always helps us. It makes your mood good. We celebrate our birthday at home And I can celebrate many birthdays at home, because I want a safe environment. ”

Debina feels that the second wave of Kovid is more deadly than in 2020. People have taken their security lightly.

“I think people have taken their security lightly, that’s why Corona cases are constantly increasing. We should all take great precautions and avoid unnecessary travel and make sure that we all keep ourselves Keep sanitize. “


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