Lesson: The Tips Given To The Girl Students The Principal Said Hard Work And Discipline Are Necessary For Success

Dear Students: Virtua Swahili For A Hundred Scholars: Kanthapuram AP Muhammad Musli who was known as Cheriya AP Ustad Whose death brought tears to the disciples and believers. Shishiyaga for a hundred counts to have one last glimpse of dear Gurunath. It was the money that leaked to Markus. Markus Vice Principal and Kanthapuram AP Abubakar Muslim Muhammad was a scholar who was respected by everyone as a saint. The Muslim.

A.P. Muhammad Musliyaru, an expert in the field of Muslim Karma Shastra Teachings, Fatwas, and Discourses in Muslim Social Life had great possessions. Karuvampoiil Cheku Haji and Aisha Hajjumma, a carpenter. Muhammad became a Muslim in 1950 at All Poil House as the eldest son. Birth of At the age of five Karuvampoiil Sviratul Mustaqeem from Madrasa. Starting studies. Lessons started at Thalapperumanna, Karuvamboil, Mangat and Kolikal. He received his primary religious education from Kal. At the end of 1974, he graduated from Vellore Bakhyattu What.

In 1975, Kanthapuram under the leadership of A.P. Abubakar Muslim. Azizia Arabic College Vice Principal Teaching Tucum. It is also the Khali of many villages in Kozhikode district. There are thousands of disciples inside and outside Kerala. Served as Mudaris in Kanthapuram for many years. The reason for adding Kanthapuram to the name is Kanthapuram. Long service. In 2007, according to the instructions of Shesham Kanthapuram AP Abubakar Musliyar. He was serving as Senior Mudari of Kas.

Virtua Swahili for a hundred scholars in the presence of Kanthapuram Ustad He used to recite the book of Hul Bukhari. Marks for the Niskarat and Prayer held at Markus Masjid-ul-Hamili President Syed Ali Bafaqi and Kerala Muslim Jamaat General Secretary Terry Syed Ibrahim Khalil Bukhari also gave leadership.

. The cremation of the deceased was carried out at Karantur Jamia Markus Masjid. RKS Vice President Syed Abdul Hatah Ahdal Avelam, Samasta Mushav RA members Ponmala Abdul Qadir Musliyar and Thanalur Abdullah Mus Liyar, Manjapatta Hamsa Musliyar, Mayyanad Hasan Musliyar, Co. Tambuza Bawa Musliyar, VPM Faisi Villayappalli, KK Ahmad Kutty Muti Sliar, Marks Director General C. Muhammad Faizi, Syed Shi Habuddin Ahdal Muthannoor, Syed Sharafuddin Jamalullaili, Syed Tullail Rab Sakhafi, SYS President Syed Taha Thangal, Muslim Jama’a At Secretary Vander Abdurahman Faizi, Syed Abdul Zaburba Hasan, Dr Abdul Hakeem Azhari, Madrasa Board Chairman Surya Ghafoor, PTA Rahim A number of MLAs participated.



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