De Next Resignation, Lis Trus Government Fell In The Beginning;  Indian Origin Also Left The Cabinet: ‘The next resignation, the lis tres government fell in the beginning’; Indian origin also left the cabinet

London: British Home Secretary Suella Braverman has resigned. Braverman, who stepped down citing security concerns, has also been sharply critical of the Lis Truss government.

Braverman resigned as Home Minister on Wednesday.

After resigning Suella Braverman said that she broke the government rules and that is why she has to leave, but she is worried about the proposals of the Lis Truss government.

“I made a mistake, I take responsibility for it and resign.

I am concerned about the way forward for this government. “We have broken our promises to voters,” Braverman said in a letter to Liz Truss. They have also shared this letter on their Twitter handle.

Suella Braverman stated that she sent an official document from her personal email to a colleague in Parliament. They say that this is a ‘technical violation’ and hence he should be out of the cabinet.

Suella Braverman’s parents, Uma Fernandes and Christy Fernandes, who have Indian roots, immigrated to Britain in the 1960s.

Braverman, who has been a member of Parliament in Britain since 2015, has also worked as a Parliamentary Under-Secretary under Theresa May’s government in 2018.

Meanwhile, former Transport Minister Grant Shapps has been appointed as the new Secretary of Home Affairs. It is also noteworthy that Grant Shapps supported Indian-born Rishi Sunak in the Prime Ministerial race.

Meanwhile, Braverman is the second minister to leave the Liz Trus government in a week.

Only a few days ago Kwasi Kwarteng, who was the finance minister, was expelled from the Lis Truss cabinet.

It is reported that Kwarteng was removed from the post as part of the measures to overcome the differences of opinion that arose within his party due to the economic crisis facing the country.

Kwarteng himself had stated that he resigned on the instructions of Lis Truss. Quarteng’s resignation was last Friday after he returned to London after attending the IMF meetings held in Washington, USA.

The Finance Minister’s resignation comes after indications emerged that some parts of the economic package proposed by the Lis Truss government would be scrapped.

It is indicated that Liz Truss fired Kwasi Kwarteng as part of efforts to overcome the crises in the market and the political arena.

Jeremy Hunt was also appointed as the new finance minister.

There are assessments that the continuous resignations from the cabinet will challenge Lis Truss to stay in power.

Meanwhile, there are reports that the Conservative Party may appoint Rishi Sunak as the Prime Minister, replacing Liz Truss.

Liz Truss became Britain’s third female Prime Minister on September 6. This was followed by Rishi Sunak.


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