Rainy Sen, daughter of Bollywood’s beautiful actress Sushmita Sen, openly answered many questions from her fans and social media users through the ‘Ask Me Anything’ session on Instagram. During this, the newcomer actress told about her relationship with her relationship mother and her star mother. Let me tell you that recently Renee has made her Bollywood debut in the film ‘Sutabaji’.

During the session, a fan was congratulated by the actress for congratulating him for the short film Suttabazi and asked that in your first film you were asked to smoke while you are a non-smoker.

While answering Fan’s question, Renee said that it was really a scary experience for me. The smoking scene was difficult for me. Because when I was doing this scene, my lungs were burning. I was feeling very uncomfortable. Let me tell you that Renee was shown smoking in a scene in the film Sutbazi. This was the scene of the fans.

Let us tell you that Sushmita adopted Renee at the age of 24. After this, in the year 2010, he also adopted his younger daughter, Alisha. While Reni and Sushmita Sen are not biological parents-children, the love between the two is no less than an example. Renee often praises her mother.

During this session, a fan asked, ‘What is your opinion on the mother-daughter relationship?’ Renee responded to this and said, “The relationship between every parent and child is the most beautiful relationship in the world.” Another fan asked, “What is the best thing you have learned from your mother?” Renee said in her reply, ‘I learn from my mother every day, but the biggest thing I learn from my mother is that she makes me self-sufficient. This is the best thing for me. ‘One fan asked Renee,’ Are you single? ‘ Responding to this, Rainy said, ‘Right now I am focusing on my career and college. At the moment, this is my relationship status. ‘

Let us tell you that Sutabaji is a shortfilm that was shot during lockdown. In this film, Renee plays a young girl who finds places and ways to smoke in her house. Also tries to hide this thing from her parents.


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