In the Kamtoul area of ​​Darbhanga, Jal Yoga of the elderly above the age of 70 years remains a matter of discussion. Not only do they swim in the pond, but they also do different types of water yoga. Swim in the pond for some time, then lie down comfortably in the water of the pond. Without any movement in the body, they float on the upper surface of the pond for hours, but they do not drown.

Vimal Kishore Jha, who lives in Kamtoul area, told that he learned the art of swimming in water like a dead body from his uncle. He has been doing yoga continuously for 40 years. They can remain lying in the pond water for 5 to 7 hours. They believe that they have not suffered any disease due to doing such yoga continuously. Neither do they have any complaint of blood pressure nor any disease like sugar. This is why they still do water yoga in the pond every day for one to two hours even today. He has also taught this yoga to some people . Even today some work to teach this yoga to children.

One to two hours of watering in the pond

Yoga guru Nirbhay Bhardwaj said that it takes one to two months to do this yoga continuously. In this yoga, initially the breath has to be pulled up and stopped. One has to stand in water. The body becomes like a balloon. Then the body is lightly pushed upward with the foot. Then the body floats on the upper surface of the water.

Success achieved through continuous practice

This task is not easy, but continuous practice leads to success. This yoga is also called water yoga and water worm and the body and mind of the people doing it are clean. That person is never under any stress. He said that even after taking breath normally after a time, a person can remain lying in water.



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