In the Lalit Narayan University, various student organizations demonstrated throughout the day for their demands. Students surrounded the VC’s car and demonstrated for hours. In view of the anger of the students, a large number of police forces were deployed, the number of girl students in the protest was also quite high.

The students said in clear terms – no examination if not class. However, the university administration refused to say anything immediately on the whole matter.

What are the demands of students

– The main demand of the students is that due to not studying in Kovid, they should be promoted directly to the next class instead of the exam .

– Secondly, the amount of Rs. 25,000 should be given to the girl students who have passed BA.

– Increased fee of B.Ed. to be withdrawn to Rs. 35,000.

Arrangements should be made for students to conduct 180 days before taking the exam.

Students of B.Ed demonstrated protesting VC’s car

Actually, from October 12, B.Ed. Fine Year exams are going to be held. This year, admission letter is not being given for demand of additional Rs 35 thousand in the name of fee of B.Ed course.



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