IED blast near the Israeli embassy on Abdul Kalam Road in Delhi, several vehicles burst glass

Dangerous Road @NH 65: NH-65 Is Home To Accidents, Authorities Who Don’t Care: The condition of the Hyderabad-Vijayawada highway is that the tongue of the hill has been blown away. Even though the road was widened into four lanes to prevent road accidents, the number of accidents did not decrease. Traveling on NH 65, the busiest national highway in the country, is now a life-threatening situation. Authorities need to focus on NH 65 which is becoming a home for road accidents. The Hyderabad-Vijayawada National Highway, which is the second busiest road in the country and the fifth most dangerous road in the country, has become a road of death due to a series of accidents.

In the past, due to the lack of widening of the road according to the traffic, the road became narrow and potholed and there were many accidents.. But now, despite spending thousands of crores of rupees and widening it into four lanes, the national highway is constantly bleeding due to the defects in the expansion. Tens of people are losing their lives due to this. Hyderabad-Vijayawada National Highway has become a bane for commuters. Tens of lives are lost in the air every day. Others are left with complete disabilities due to injuries.

The said contract agency which is collecting nosebleeds from the passengers as toll… has disturbed the safety of the passengers. Due to this, countless road accidents are happening. The construction of service roads on the National Highway is not completed. Absence of underpass bridges… narrow bridges… over speeding… the number of accidents increases day by day due to the negligence of drivers and passengers. A person who has left home for a journey on the national highway is in a situation where it is not known whether he will return. According to officials’ calculations, tens of road accidents are happening every minute from Hyderabad to Vijayawada.

The National Highway No. 65, which was 181.5 km long from Chautuppal Mandal of Yadadri Bhuvanagiri District to Chillakallu in Krishna District of AP, was expanded to four lanes by the GMR Corporation at a cost of approximately two thousand crores ten years ago under the BOT method. To recover the cost of these expansion works, GMR has set up three toll plazas on the National Highway at Chhatuppal Mandal Pantangi, Ketapalli Mandal Korlapahad and Krishna District Chillakallu in AP. Through these, toll fee collection has been started since 2012. So far so good but the promise of providing service roads and infrastructure during the expansion has not been fulfilled till now.


The Center has given its OK to convert the Hyderabad-Vijayawada National Highway NH 65 into a single lane. The existing four-lane highway will soon become a six-lane. One lane will be constructed on the right side and another lane on the left side of the existing road. As the land acquisition for this is completed in 2009 itself, the National Highway Expansion officials estimate that the road construction works will not take much time. Underpass bridges and flyovers will become crucial in the construction of six lanes. Meanwhile, the road has been set up to allow vehicles to travel at a speed of 80 km per hour on this road and 40 km per hour on the bridges. But the motorists are rushing at a speed of 100 to 150 without paying attention to this, and the underpass bridges on the highway are not where accidents happen, and the vehicles crossing the road and pedestrians are affected by the accidents. The Highway Police, who are supposed to control speed by installing speed guns on the highway, do not care.

Even though a special police vehicle has been set up in the name of the Police Interceptor to know the speed of the vehicles, it has not gone anywhere on the highway. And every 20 kilometers on the highway, there must be a police patrol vehicle along with a patrol vehicle related to the toll plaza. Moreover, ambulances should also be made available. But due to the lack of attention to such regulations, soon after the road accident, the injured people do not receive medical treatment and their lives are lost in the air. The people of the villages along the highway are angry that underpasses and service roads should be constructed for every village adjacent to the highway, but the contractors have filled their pockets and started construction of the road as per their wish. Warning boards should be installed at danger zones as per Central Government regulations. At the bypasses, motorists should take appropriate measures to avoid road accidents. Due to the negligence of the contracting agency, which is not following the rules, road accidents are happening somewhere in Nakirekal, Narkatpally, Kattangur, Kodada, Munagala, Chityala, and Chautuppal every day.

Meanwhile, during the expansion of six lanes, it has been proposed to construct underpass bridges, service roads, and flyovers at 17 places from Dandumalkapuram to Kodada, Chautuppal, Chityala, Kattangur, Suryapet, and Jangam roads. Korlapadu, Nawab Peta, Pedakaparthi U Junction, Mellachervu Flyover, Mukundapuram U-Turn, Akupamula Bypass, Kattangur-Nallagonda Cross Road, Kattangur Local, Ramapuram Cross Road at Nallabandagudem, SV Engineering College in Suryapet, Kodada Kommagudem Katta Cross Road, Srirangapuram, Duraj Pally Cross It is proposed to construct underpass bridges and service roads at places like road and Komarabanda crossroad. Locals want the contracting agency to immediately set up underpasses, service roads, and index boards to prevent accidents before the expansion of six lanes to save lives. Police say that they will also take steps to prevent accidents with the National Highway Adharity Toll administrators in the background of a series of accidents.


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