It is said that the hands of the law are very long. Regardless of where the criminal goes, one day the law tightens him in its grip. One such case has come up from Mewat in Haryana. Where the three accused who carried out the dacoity and murder incident, after 33 years, went to the hands of the police. The three accused were residing in UP’s Bulandshahr district.

This case of robbery and murder in Mewat is 33 years old. According to the police, on the night of August 30, 1987, there was a robbery at Swamiram’s house in Pingwa, Mewat. The incident took place between 12 pm and 2 pm. At that time Swamiram’s name used to be among the well-known nobles of Mewat. Perhaps this was the reason that the dacoits targeted Swami Ram’s house.

When the bandits were robbing their family members as hostages, the neighbor Jagdish Gurjar was awakened after hearing the noise, Jagdish Gurjar came to Swamiram’s rescue and crowded the dacoits. Then a dacoit shot and killed Jagdish. All the dacoits escaped after the robbery. According to the police, 15 to 20 bandits were involved in this robbery.

On the day of the crime, the dacoits looted one kg gold, 150 kg silver and one thousand rupees cash from Swamiram’s house. After the incident, the police was able to apprehend only two accused, while the other dacoits were declared a fugitive by the court in 1988. Since then, this case was buried in the police files.

Meanwhile, the Mewat police received information from an informer that 33 years ago, the three accused who committed the sensational robbery and murder incident are changing their names to live in Bulandshahr, UP. On the basis of this information, the police raided Bulandshahr and arrested the three accused. Who were identified as Yasin, Manzoor and Babu. The accused had little hope that they could ever be caught.

According to the police, all three were questioned. Based on the inquiry, other absconding accused are being searched. But the police has also received information that many accused of that robbery have also died.



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