Cyber ​​thugs are making calls in the name of bank, be careful in this way

Cyber Attacks On Bharat Hospitals: Will All Future Wars Be Hybrid Warfare? Many Doubts About Cyber Attacks On Indian Hospitals: Cyber ​​​​Attacks on Bharat Hospitals: Behind the cyber attack on ICMR. Hong Kong hackers have been found. With this, there is a suspicion that China is behind all the cyber attacks on official websites and hospital servers in India. Can’t do anything in the borders.. are they attacking the servers like this? Why did hackers target hospitals? Is China doing all this as part of hybrid warfare? Behind cyber-attacks are hidden many elusive suspicions.


Border wars are common. Bio war with viruses.. is a bit risky. Now all.. hybrid warfare generation. From the sitting place.. with cyber attacks.. stealing the desired information. Strategize accordingly. This is what China is doing now. The government has already received information that China is conducting cyber attacks to test the Indian system. With this… to reverse these conspiracies… National Cyber ​​Security, and National Security Council… are running dry on AIIMS servers in Delhi. Servers that have already been affected by hackers have been isolated. Hospitals like AIIMS have data about VVIPs and high-profile people. Moreover, AIIMS is the only hospital that caters to the medical needs of the highest-ranking people in the country, including the President and the Prime Minister. Therefore.. in order to face the cyber warfare that will arise in the future.. there are also recommendations to create a full-fledged cyber security department. Instead of the existing flat computer architecture in AIIMS, it is suggested to use a hierarchical computer system with redundancy.

Cyber ​​Attack On AIIMS, ICMR Servers: Cyber ​​Attack on Hospitals in India ..Hacker Attacks on AIIMS, ICMR Servers by China?

All future wars will be in the form of hybrid warfare. Cyber ​​attack is going to play a key role in that. So.. countries like America, China, Russia, and France.. have already built effective firewalls to protect their government websites and servers from hacking and cyber-attacks. All the government servers in these countries.. allow you to operate from a single portal. There are opinions that this is a great defense system. Same.. As far as India is concerned.. our servers are under threat from China as well as cousin Pakistan. It is known that Pakistan is trying to hack Indian servers from countries in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

There are allegations that corporate hospitals that charge huge fees from patients in the name of state-of-the-art services do not take much care in the matter of patient data security. Instead of hiring our own cyber security experts, we are working with third-party cyber security companies based in Mumbai and Delhi. Experts say that the only solution to the problem is for hospitals to hire their own cybersecurity experts instead of third parties. In fact.. In the top countries, if a person’s privacy is violated or data is leaked, there are severe actions. There is no such thing in India. Therefore, experts say that there is a need for strong data protection laws. There are still no measures to control dark web and VPN in our country.

Next door China is taking those measures in the name of the Great Firewall of China. America’s FBI, Dutch police, and Euro police departments are taking strong measures to block the dark web. Darknet websites are being taken down from time to time. Opinions are being heard that such systems should come in our country as well. Because.. Hospitals like AIIMS treat hydrophilic people. Many types of medical research are conducted in an organization like ICMR. All the details are stored in the websites. Therefore, there is concern that if the data is leaked, we will have to face unexpected risks.


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