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Curriculum Reform: Students Can Also Comment And A Period Be Set Aside For Discussion: The state government has sought students’ opinions as part of school curriculum reform. Education Minister V. Sivankutty informed.

Discuss the syllabus in all classes on 17th November. The minister said that the children’s suggestions and opinions will be published as an important document. The general public can also give their opinions and suggestions about the children’s curriculum.

The Minister of Education informed that discussions are being organized in all the schools under the leadership of the school organizing committee to ensure the representation of all sections of society such as parents, teachers, people’s representatives, voluntary organizations, and student and youth organization representatives.

Minister Sivankutty inaugurated the tech platform www.kcf.kite.kerala.gov.in to submit comments online the other day. People from inside and outside the country can submit suggestions for this. Position papers for 26 focus groups will be completed by November 30.

The draft curriculum framework will be formulated by December 31. Based on this, regional seminars and discussions will be organized in January 2023. Curriculum frameworks will be finalized by February. The minister also informed us that new textbooks will be introduced in all classes in the academic year 2025-26.

The minister had said in a press conference yesterday that the new curriculum reform will be implemented considering the growth and development in various fields of knowledge in the past and comprehensive public discussions will be held from the school level to the state level.

Kerala has topped the Union Education Ministry’s 2020-21 Quality Index of Educational Institutions. Minister Sivankutty said that this is a recognition of Kerala’s covid-era education activities.

At the same time, the government has decided to conduct extensive public discussions before preparing the position paper for each sector. A handbook for gathering public opinion has been prepared and approved by the Curriculum Core Committee and published.

In all the districts, a district-level organizing committee has been formed under the leadership of the Zilla Panchayat President and Deputy Director of Education. A block organizing committee has also been formed in all the blocks under the leadership of the Block Panchayat President and Upazila Education Officer.

Organizing Committees have been formed at all Panchayat, Municipal and Corporation levels and the activities have started. School-level organizing committees have been formed in all the schools under the leadership of the school PTA. Resource teachers are specially trained to lead the discussions at each level.



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