Criticism On Lakshipriya, Fan Says She Should Learn From Actor Indrans: Actress Lakshmi Priya was criticized for not being ready to take a selfie. When asked for a selfie, someone said in the comment that Lakshmi Priya said, ‘Let me take a breath.’ The actress was also asked to study with Indran Sethan in this regard. The actor has responded to this criticism.

‘Let me take a breather, the madam replied when asked to take a selfie. Kozhikode Tagore Auditorium will not be remembered. If you don’t have any time, ask out of respect. You should learn from the actor Indran Satan, why you say that in any rush to take a photo, the location car comes to a stop and there is a scene where he does not get into the car with his bags and poses for the photo, ma’am, that is what you should learn by watching. Let us reach higher heights.- was the comment.

Lakshmi Priya’s response to the criticism is as follows

Dear Anoop Chandran, I don’t check Facebook like that, I am not very active on social media now. Posts are posted by my Facebook admin Manu and my husband Jai Dev. That’s why I’m seeing your comment now. Let me know why the reply is late. We reached Tagore Hall very late for the program that day. Do you know that too? That means we reached the place where the program ends at 9 pm only at 8.55.

We left Kochi at 10.30 in the morning and stopped for lunch only for half an hour. I reached there after suffering a lot due to the terrible block and wandering around the same way without knowing the way. After sitting in the car for hours and not knowing the way, I was worried and didn’t know what to say to the organizers. They had arranged for a hotel there, thinking that they would arrive at least at four o’clock. My baby daughter was also exhausted. Anoop got out of the car and came in front of me as soon as the plane reached Valiban.

It was because his head was really spinning that he said, ‘Let me breathe.’ The program ended within 5 minutes of entering the program hall. Afterward, I stopped to take photos with everyone who came to take photos with me. I hope you understand. But if you have any trouble with me, I apologize once again.


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