Motera is the world's largest cricket stadium, Melbourne will lag behind in this matter

Cricket Prodigy WG Grace Stands Next To Vinu Mankad And ‘Recognises’ Mankading: Mankading (Mankading). Much has been said about this controversial term in cricket’s 22 yards. is happening Not too long ago. The ICC also accepted ‘marketing’ as a run-out after a lot of uproars. Deepti Sharma’s ‘marketing’ of Charlotte Dean at Lord’s was no less controversial before that announcement. As happened in the past around Ashwin. Earlier around ‘Mankading’ maker Vinu Mankad.

It is heard that in 1947-48, when Vinoo Mankad Mankad Bill Brown (Bill Brown) in Sydney, there was noise in the cricket world. A storm of criticism began to blow against the standard. In that situation, only one person came forward to stand up for Mankar. He, WG Grace, is the father of cricket.

Standing against the tide of strong opposition, Grace said in support of Mannard, Mannard had done nothing wrong by running out Bill Brown. A paper-cutting of that interview is still preserved in the library of the Melbourne Cricket Club. The invaluable collection is carefully maintained by librarian David Studham. On the subject of ‘mankading’, he said, “It is an important chapter in the history of cricket. Mankading has been practiced a lot since then. Many discussions and criticisms have been made about Vinu Mankar. We have that 1947-48 paper-cutting, scrapbook collection. Most of them were collected by Stan Richards.” Not only the Mankading-acknowledgment documents but also many unknown important documents of India’s tour of England in 1932, 1936, and even 1946 are preserved in the MCG library.

Let’s talk about scrapbooking. It contains detailed details, and paper cuttings of every match report since the Indian team came to play in Australia at that time. Interestingly, at that time every Test match had at least five-six coverages per day. But in the case of Bill Brown’s ‘Mankading’ there is a very little description of it. In short, Brown was run out by Mankar. But as the affair then broke out, criticism of the ‘unfair outing’ flooded the newspapers. And it was then that WC Grace spoke out in support of the cornered standard. Mankad claimed that Brown was run out within the rules of cricket. And that is not at all against the spirit of cricket. MCG librarian Studham put it even more clearly, “The standard was not wrong at all. Which he did according to the rules of cricket. The historical importance of these paper cuttings is immense to know. At that time in the media, Grace arranged arguments in favor of this with a cricket explanation.

Significantly, the controversy did not end with Grace’s announcement. Instead, the negative thoughts about mankading out have spread further. Behind this, the media, more precisely the black media, who have always considered themselves to be the controlling force in the cricketing society, play the most important role. They could not accept the support for ‘mankading’ that appeared in Grace’s statement. They took up the pen against Grace, virtually declaring war. Needless to say, the acceptance of ‘mankading’ out for more than 75 years has questioned its validity in the ‘gentleman’s game. As evidenced by the ICC’s eventual recognition of ‘mankading’, Grace was not wrong.


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