Ram temple construction:Akshay Kumar donated to Ram Kaj and said - Now it's our turn, appeal to the countrymen through social media

Akshay Kumar is one of the finest actors in the industry. For three decades, they have been continuously entertaining the audience non-stop. This is the reason that even today his fan following is in millions. By the way, Akshay specializes in one more thing and that is his sense of humor. In which no one can hold his hand. And so Akshay is being liked more in the comedy role than in the last few years. At the same time, Akshay’s comedy was left overshadowing him. This story is of an award show whose video has become viral these days.

Akshay reached the stage to take the award

The show was of the Indian Television Award i.e. ITA in which Akshay received the ITA Popular Icon Award. When Akshay reached the stage to receive this honor, he said something in his winning speech that after that he had to apologize to his wife Twinkle. Actually, everyone knows how funny Akshay is and this form of his was also seen in his winning speech. He said that it has been 20 years in the industry but never given the award but he got the trophy as soon as he came on TV. At the same time, after this, he gave a reason for joining television.

Twinkle had apologized in front of everyone

Akshay Kumar had told that he was associated with TV because he was offered a show like the player of dangers which was of his type. Akshay likes to do stunts himself, he is a trend in martial arts. In this case, he used to say that he said such a thing that after hearing him, everyone started laughing even Akshay Kumar himself. At the same time, he also apologized to Twinkle Khanna for this. Although Twinkle herself was also aware that Akshay is joking and that is why she also appeared in the audience laughing.


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