In the Tamil Nadu assembly elections, the Left CPI and CPI (M) are fighting a battle to save their existence. The biggest challenge for both the parties, which are contesting with the DMK alliance, is to win a few seats in the assembly elections. In the last election, both parties were left empty-handed. All hope rests on coalition politics.

The Left parties have been active in the state from the beginning. Their presence remains among the farmers and laborers. Therefore, in all elections held till 1957-2011, the Left has always won some seats. In 2011, he contested with AIADMK and CPI (M) won 10 seats and CPI nine. Both parties received around four and a half percent votes.

In the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, the Left parties were shattered by the AIADMK in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections and contested the 2016 elections together with DMKK, Vijayakanth’s party. The DMDK then formed the People’s Welfare Alliance. But this alliance suffered heavy defeats. The result was that both the Left parties, which contested 25-25 seats, did not get a single seat. The DMDK itself could not win a single seat.

Both the Left parties are with the DMK-Congress alliance in the current elections. Both the parties have been given six seats each. A senior CPI (M) leader said that his presence in several seats was influential. In such a situation, they will have the advantage of contesting elections with DMK alliance and both parties will get some seats.

Left parties buoyed by Bihar assembly elections: Left parties are also excited by Bihar assembly elections where they contested preparations in the coalition and won more seats than expected. However, both parties are contesting a total of 12 seats here. So there is not much hope. But still the Left parties want their members to be present in the Legislative Assembly. The disappointment for both the parties was created due to their not winning any of the candidates in the last election. Political experts say that if the wind blows in favor of the DMK, then some seats may also go to the account of the Left.


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