Cow Smuggling Case: Cow Smuggling Added To Padma Bridge! Three Nephews’ In Sight, Sensational Document In CID’s Hands: The CID filed a charge sheet against Enamul’s three nephews Jahangir Alam, Humayun Kabir, and Mehdi Hasan. An arrest warrant has also been issued.

Padma bridge with cattle smuggling!

Central agencies ED and CBI have been active in the investigation of the case of cow smuggling. Many people are being interrogated from time to time. Birbhum Trinamool district president Anubrata Mondal has also been arrested in this case. Sensational information has come forward in that case. Padma Bridge in Bangladesh has been invested in cow smuggling money! That information is clear from the documents obtained by the CID. CID has recently presented the charge sheet in the case of cow smuggling. CID has revealed important information about Enamul’s three nephews. It is seen in the charge sheet that the company has invested in several important projects in Bangladesh. It is alleged that the money of cow smuggling has been invested.

According to the CID charge sheet, the money was laundered to Bangladesh using JHM Group, the company of Enamul’s nephew. The documents recovered by the CID show that the same company supplied stone chips for the construction of the Padma Bridge. Not only the Padma Bridge but also a nuclear project and a railway project in Bangladesh are claimed by the detectives. The stone is claimed to have been supplied mainly from Birbhum and Jharkhand. The ship arrived at Chittagong port with stones. Each ship had 5 thousand 800 metric tons of stone. However, the detectives think that it is not possible for Bangladesh to understand that the money being smuggled is being invested.

According to the information given by the CID, the group also had an agreement with several big construction companies in Kolkata, and those documents were also found. Investigators learned that investments were made in the construction business behind a company called Colette. Not only stones, according to CID sources, sand business documents have also been recovered. Enamul’s three nephews Jahangir Alam, Humayun Kabir, and Mehdi Hasan got the lease of the sand pit in Bankura. Complaints have already been raised that they used to get crores of rupees as dividends from the money of cow smuggling.

Enamul Haque was arrested by CBI in 2018. Allegedly, after that Enamul’s nephews started transferring money to Bangladesh and Dubai. CID claims that money was also invested in the business of importing coal to Bangladesh. Meanwhile, the three nephews of Enamul fled the country as the activities of CBI and ED increased on cow smuggling. According to the CID charge sheet, three brothers have bought a flat in Dubai and are staying there regularly. They have given power of attorney in the names of their wives and sons to sustain the business.

In 2020, Enamul and his nephews were raided by the DRI (Directorate of Revenue Intelligence) at their Bentinck Street office. After being caught, Enamul’s nephews’ organization started laundering money to Bangladesh and Dubai through hawala. The question is raised, how did the three brothers leave the country?

Now ED’s eyes are on those three nephews. CID has presented a charge sheet against them, an arrest warrant has also been issued. Did they invest in the sand, stone, and construction business with the help of an influential person? The central organization is also trying to look into that. These three are under the ED’s eye. It is known that the nephew also had the plan to open a steel factory in this state. A company called JHM Ispat was created.


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