Many mysteries still remain unraveled regarding Corona’s infection. A research has said that the risk of corona infection is reduced by patients who cough. Those who do not cough are more at risk of infection.

The report of the study in Barcelona, ​​Spain, has recently been published in the journal Lancet’s Infectious Diseases. It states that this result has been concluded after a study of 314 corona patients and 753 contacts.

Studies so far have shown that the risk of infection is higher than coughing patients. However, this study found that the spread of corona was reduced through people who had a cough.

The same study also revealed that people who had high corona virus load were also spreading more infections. Whereas the prevalence from patients with low virus load decreased. Virus load refers to the number of viruses present in the body. Actually, millions of replicas of the virus are formed in the body after infection.


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