Masks made of cloth are effective in protecting against viruses, but it is necessary to wash them daily at high temperatures after every use. Only when doing so can this mask protect against viruses such as SARS Cove-2, which causes Kovid-19 infection. This information has been given in a study.

Professor Raina McIntyre from the University of New South Wales in Australia said that both cloth masks and surgical masks should be considered ‘contaminated’ after use. Surgical masks are destroyed after use, but masks with cloth are used repeatedly. Wearing cloth masks multiple times, wiping their hands from them increases the risk of infection.

Study published in
BMJ Open Journal The new study has been published in BMJ Open Journal. The researchers studied the health data for 2011 in depth. In it, they obtained information on whether health workers had washed their masks on a daily basis. If so, how did they wash their masks. The team of researchers found that machine-washed clothes masks were as effective as surgical masks if they replaced the laundry in the hospital.

Handwashing the mask is not safe. In
this study, researchers did not test SARS Cove-2. Instead, they included common respiratory pathogens such as influenza, rhinoviruses and seasonal corona viruses in their respiration.

This study found that hand washing the mask did not provide adequate protection. Health workers who washed their clothes masks by hand had twice the risk of infection than employees who washed the masks with a machine. 

Wash masks every time before wearing
WHO recommends washing machine-washed masks with warm water at 60 ° C. McClentier said the clear message from this research is that masks made of cloth work, but must be properly washed every time before it is worn again.


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