The average of corona virus screening per 10 lakh population in the country has crossed 64 thousand. According to the data released on Tuesday by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), the examination of corona virus samples in the country on October 12 was one million 73 thousand 14 and the total figure reached eight crore 89 lakh 45 thousand 107.

On this basis, the average investigation of corona virus per million population reached 64 thousand 396. In order to prevent the spread of corona virus on a large scale, a record 14 lakh 92 thousand 409 samples were tested in a day on September 24, in the campaign of maximum investigation of it in the country.

Amidst the horrific form of global pandemic Covid-19 in the country, it is reassuring that for the past five weeks, new cases have declined sharply on a daily average basis. According to the figures of the Union Health and Family Ministry today, on an average, new cases of corona were 92 thousand 83,000 during September 9 to 15, which came down to 72 thousand 576 daily from October 7 to October 12.


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