In the last 24 hours in India, 73,272 new Covid-19 cases have been reported and 926 people have died. According to the Union Health Ministry, 59,88,823 people, including 8,83,185 active cases, have been cured out of a total of 69,79,424 cases and 1,07,416 people have died so far.

India is moving towards the seven million mark in terms of Corona virus disease (Covid-19) cases, but the daily numbers are slowly falling. And in some more good news, according to the Union Health Ministry, in the country The number of active cases has fallen from nine lakh for the first time in a month. The ministry said on Friday that it accounts for only 12.94 percent of the total case load.

The drop in the percentage of active cases is due to the increasing percentage of cured cases. Recovery in India has exceeded the number of new cases for three consecutive weeks. The ministry said that on September 9, there were 8.97 lakh active cases in the country. So far, a total of 59,06,069 people in the country have recovered from Covid-19 and this is more than 50,12,477 active cases.

This is a result of collaborative action by the Center and the Union Territories of the state as part of a strategy for more testing, tracking, rapid hospitalization and adhering to standard treatment protocols that have led to standardized quality of medical care and public isolation in public and private hospitals. Has ensured cases.


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