A Chinese court has ordered a young man to pay his ex-wife 50 thousand yuan (about 5.5 lakh rupees) in exchange for years of unpaid domestic work. This unprecedented decision of the court in the divorce case has sparked debate on social media. Under the new Civil Code, which came into force at the beginning of the year in China, people divorced have been empowered to seek compensation from their partner in exchange for discharging domestic responsibilities.

During the hearing on the divorce application in a Beijing court, Wang said that during the five-year marriage, he had to deal with all the domestic chores, including raising children, on his own. The husband did not do any work except go to the chain office.

Wang demanded additional payment in exchange for child care and household chores. The court, in its judgment dated February 4, held that Wang had more domestic responsibilities than Chen. He should be paid an additional 50 thousand yuan (about 5.5 lakh rupees) with the protection of children and 2000 yuan (about 22 thousand rupees) per month with alimony. However, Wang demanded damages of 1.6 lakh yuan (about 18 lakh rupees).

Criticism on social media has
sparked a “stay-at-home wife receives 50000 yuan housework compensation” hashtag on Twitter-like website Weibo in China. Users have given more than 57 crore responses under it from 4 to 24 February. Most users criticized the woman for not paying enough for her sacrifice and dedication.

Women working for four hours of unpaid labor The
Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) estimates that Chinese women work an average of four hours of unpaid labor every day. This period is two and a half times longer than men.


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