Increased cases of corona virus are constantly raising concern. On Wednesday, 53,364 new cases have been reported in the country, which is the largest figure since October 23 last year. In this way, the corona virus infection has reached the top of the last 5 months. On October 23, 54,350 new cases were received in the country, since then the number was consistently low. Although it was the peak of new cases then and there was a decline in the number of new cases after that, but this month is increasing steadily. The number of new cases is increasing every day. Every day the figure of 30, then 40 and now 50 thousand new cases has been reached. The peak of the first wave of Corona was seen on September 17 last year, when 98 thousand cases were reported in the country.

The death toll is also not decreasing. On Wednesday, 248 people died due to a corona infection. However, it was a bit of relief compared to Tuesday. 275 people died of Corona infection that day. However, on October 23 last year, when more than 54 thousand cases were received, then the figure of the dead was recorded 665. At present, the number of active cases is increasing rapidly to near 4 lakhs. After the sharp increase on Wednesday, the number of active corona cases in the country has increased to 3,96,889.

Out of these, the number of active cases has increased by 1 lakh in the last 6 days. State-wise, Maharashtra remains a cause for concern. On Wednesday, 31,855 cases of new infections were registered in the state. Apart from this, the number of new cases in Mumbai also crossed 5,000. 5,190 new cases have been registered in the city. In this way, there are 2.5 lakh active cases in Maharashtra alone, while the figure for the whole country is close to 4 lakh.

Meanwhile, the Corona Task Force of the Government of Maharashtra has started to tighten to prevent the cases of corona. Juhu Beach has been ordered closed for a few weeks. Apart from this, the movement of people at 7 pm has been asked to reduce. Apart from this, shops selling non-essential items have been asked to close a little sooner. Worries are also increasing in Gujarat. On Wednesday, 1,790 new cases of Corona were registered in the state.


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