The number of casualties due to Kovid-19 in the US crossed five million on Monday and this number is equal to the total number of people killed during World War II, the Vietnam War, and the Korean War. In the United States, 405,000 people died in World War II, 58000 in the Vietnam War and 36000 in the Korean War.

As the death toll from the corona virus crossed five lakh, the event was held at the White House on Monday to pay tribute to the dead by keeping silence and lighting candles. The next five days have been ordered to bend American flags in federal buildings.

Condoling, Biden said, “As a country, we cannot accept such a cruel future.” We have been struggling with this disease for a long time. We have to have the strength to bear this sorrow. He said, we have reached a very tragic and sad figure today. 500071 people have died in the country.

The University of Washington estimates that 589,000 people may have died by June 1, despite the introduction of the corona virus vaccine from mid-December. The United States tops the world in terms of the number of people killed due to the virus. About 2.5 million people have died worldwide due to the virus, of which 20 percent have died in the United States.

The first death due to infection in the US was in February 2020. Four months later, the figure reached one lakh. This number increased to two lakhs in September, three lakhs in December, four lakhs in January and five lakhs in February, about a month later. Physician Dr. Ryan Stanton in Lexington, Kentucky, said he never thought an infection would kill such a large number of people.


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