Sudden health of a volunteer has worsened due to Corona virus vaccine side effects of US drug maker company ‘Johnson & Johnson’. After this incident, all the vaccine trials of the company have been temporarily banned. Explain that Johnson & Johnson is conducting the third phase trial of the Corona virus vaccine candidate. This news may have also shocked President Donald Trump’s ambitions, as he had claimed to have vaccinated people in America before the presidential election.

Oxford has also given a shock

Scientists are increasingly working on the vaccine day and night to save the world from the devastation of the Coronavirus. However, many times the hopes of people have been shocked by the obstacles coming in the clinical trials. Earlier side effects of the vaccine being developed in the United Kingdom in collaboration with Astrazeneca and Oxford vaccine were also reported, after which dozens of clinical trials were stopped in the US and UK.

Johnson & Johnson statement

Johnson & Johnson issued a statement late on Monday night saying, “We have temporarily halted the clinical trials of all our COVID-19 vaccine candidates.” The third phase trial is also included in this ban. This decision has been taken due to sudden fall of a participant during the study.

Experts engaged in the investigation of side effects

In a statement issued by the company, it said, ‘We are following our guidelines. Volunteer’s sudden illness is being reviewed and evaluated by the Data Safety Monitoring Board (DSMB). Also, our internal clinical trials and safety physicians are also investigating the side effects.

This cleaning was given a month ago

Johnson & Johnson said last month that clinical trials in the early and mid-stage clinical trials of its Kovid-19 vaccine have shown good results on immunity. The company also tested 60,000 people in a clinical trial. Johnson & Johnson was expected to receive the vaccine by the end of this year or early 2021.

Refusal to give details related to side effects

However Johnson & Johnson has refused to give more information about the side effects appearing in Volunteer. He said, ‘We respect the privacy of the participants and are looking into the reasons for the volunteers falling ill. So it is important to correct all the data before sharing any information.

Common side effects seen in research!

In their statement, Johnson & Johnson said that it is very common for volunteers to see such side effects during a vaccine trial. Adverse events, illnesses, or side effects are included. Even a person falling seriously ill is a part of a clinical trial. This happens especially in a large research.

What were the side effects of the Oxford vaccine?

A few days ago there was a big uproar on the side effects of the AstraZeneca-Oxford vaccine. Due to this vaccine, a woman’s spine in the UK was severely swollen and she became very ill. After this, a decision was taken on behalf of the company to stop the trial. The Chief Executive of AstraZeneca later told that the condition of the patient is now improving.

Later Oxford also defeated

Shortly after this incident, Oxford sent a document to all volunteers, claiming that Volunteer’s problems in the trial were not caused by AstraZeneca’s experimental vaccine. After this statement came out, dozens of closed trial trials in Britain and America were resumed.



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