The cases of corona continue to increase in the country. But there has been a steady decline in corona cases in Maharashtra. In the last 24 hours, about 7 thousand new cases were registered in the state. The number of daily deaths has also declined. In 24 hours, 165 people died here from Corona, whereas this figure was above 300 a few days ago. Corona figures are also coming down sharply in Pune City. In 24 hours, 351 new patients have come here. Maharashtra’s recovery rate has reached above 83 percent.

Corona cases are also showing improvement in Delhi. In the last 24 hours, there were 1849 cases of corona in the capital while 40 patients died. So far, more than 3 lakh 11 thousand corona cases have been filed in Delhi, while the figure of those who lost their lives is more than 5800. The corona recovery rate in the capital is more than 91 percent.

Data released by the Ministry of Health on Tuesday morning …

  • 55,342 new Corona patients found in last 24 hours
  • 706 people died of corona in last 24 hours
  • Total Number of Corona Cases – 71,75,881
  • Total active cases – 8,38,729 
  • Number of cured patients – 62,27,296 
  • Number of people who lost their lives from Corona – 1,09,856 

Like other festivals, this year Ramlila has been eclipsed by Corona. The government got approval for religious events in Delhi, but the big Ramlila events in Delhi will not be staged. The reason for this is the new guidelines regarding Corona, according to which the religious events have been approved till October 31, but the organizers say that in such a short time neither the stage will be ready nor the funds will be collected for it.

There is a slight decline in corona cases also in South India. In Tamil Nadu, about 5000 new cases have been registered in 24 hours, while 62 patients died. Total corona cases in Tamil Nadu have crossed 8 lakh. 

On the other hand, in Kerala, with the war from Corona, the exercise to speed up the economy has also started. The Kerala government has made new changes for tourists. Since Monday, most of the application sites have been opened and it will be allowed to roam for 7 days without quarantine. However, the beaches of Kerala will be opened from 1 November.

The Corona report of Vice President Venkaiah Naidu has come negative. Naidu was found corona positive on September 29, after which he was home quarantine. However, during this time there was no problem in his health. The Vice President’s wife was also Corona positive and now she too has recovered. Venkaiah Naidu is preparing to start functioning soon.

Medical and plastic waste has become a big problem for the whole world during the Corona crisis. In India, more than 18 thousand tons of biomedical waste has been prepared in 4 months, which came out due to the methods of dealing with corona. It also includes hospital equipment including PPE kits, gloves masks. Maharashtra has the maximum three and a half thousand tons of plastic waste. In September, the maximum plastic waste of a month in the country, about five and a half thousand tons was recorded.


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