Cold flu and covid-19 are all three diseases caused by different types of viruses, but all have almost the same symptoms. In such a situation, it is difficult to guess what disease a person is suffering from. Most people infected with the corona virus definitely have a big symptom like high fever, persistent cough, loss of test or loss of smell. In the coming months you will need to know about many such important things.

37.8 ° C or more is a high temperature for the body. Such fever is possible only when the body is fighting an infection. This is not the case with the corona virus alone. Although fever is the main symptom of Corona virus, it can also be flu or some other infection. While the problem of high temperature in the cold is impossible.

People with a temperature of 37.8 ° C or more have been advised to remain in self isolation. According to the National Health Service, there are three types of examination of body temperature. By applying the thermometer in the mouth or side for some time, you can know the temperature of the body. Apart from this, putting a digital thermometer in the ear and pressing a button, you can find the temperature of the body.

If you are a victim of cold or flu, you may have many symptoms including cough. Flu comes suddenly and when it occurs, the patient feels problems like muscle pain, chills, headache, fatigue, sore throat, runny nose and cough. While cold has almost similar symptoms, it is less dangerous than the flu.

Cold, Flu and Corona Virus Patients with cough problem in all three. But corona virus can explain cough with a big difference. Corona infected may cough continuously for an hour or more. He may have such cough three or more times in 24 hours of the day. If you have been coughing for a long time due to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), it can be dangerous. If you do not get relief from cough, you should get corona virus tested.

Losing power to recognize taste and smell is also a major symptom of the corona virus. However, this can also happen in normal cold. If you are not feeling well, then do a test once to avoid the risk of spreading the virus.

Experts do not consider sneezing as a symptom of the corona virus. These symptoms occur only in the cold. There is no need to do a corona test until you see symptoms of fever, cough, loss of test or smel. While sneezing can spread the corona from droplets coming out of the body. Therefore, after sneezing, place tissue, handkerchief or hands on the nose or mouth and then wash hands thoroughly. Symptoms of runny nose in the corona are rarely seen. While its complaint is very common in the cold.

The corona virus may have both mild or severe symptoms. Sometimes people do not even have symptoms. Despite this, they can become infected. Symptoms usually appear in 5 days, but sometimes it can take up to 14 days. Breathing problems are the most dangerous symptom of the corona virus. If you have trouble breathing, consult a doctor immediately. Keep in mind that the patient does not have such problem in cold or flu.



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