Corona spreads through the air Malaika reads the news - when will the nightmare end?
Corona spreads through the air Malaika reads the news - when will the nightmare end?

Corona virus epidemic is not taking its name and cases of this disease are increasing in the country. India has been ranked among the top three countries in the total cases of corona virus and in the last few days, more than 20 thousand corona positive cases are coming up in the country every day. However, the special thing is that a large number of people are also recovering from this disease.

After the national lockdown, the unlocking process has started in the country and some of the shows and film makers are trying to take precautions, but the challenges have increased for the government as well as the countrymen. Meanwhile, another disturbing news has come which has been shared by actress Malaika Arora.

Malaika Arora shared a new report in her Instagram story in which it was written that the corona virus can also spread through the air and this virus stays in the air for 8 hours. In such a situation, everyone needs to wear masks everywhere. Malaika wrote along with this picture. When will this nightmare end?

Malaika shares magic drink to increase immunity

It is worth mentioning that earlier Malaika ‘s building was also sealed because a corona positive case was found in her building. Malaika is living with her son Arhaan. She also told with the help of a post that she is missing her parents and sister a lot. Apart from this, she has also shared her daily schedule with fans on Instagram. Malaika had shared a special magic drink some time ago, which is also very effective in increasing immunity.


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