The country can once again reach the state of one lakh figures per day of infection. During the twenty-four hours on Thursday, 53,000 new cases of corona were reported in the country. This is an increase of seven thousand cases as compared to the day before. This boom has brought the country to the state of September last year when the first wave was at its peak. The rapidly increasing investigative positivity rate has also given experts a worry, which was between three and five percent on the same day last year.

Concerns over the fast-growing positivity rate The rising positive-positivity rate in
India has raised concerns. According to the Health Ministry data, the daily positive positivity rate in the country as on March 24 is 4.6 percent. Earlier on March 21, the rate was around 3.7 percent, while the rate was 1.87 percent just a month ago. In other words, Kovid-19 is currently being tested in India, about 4.6% of the samples are confirmed to be infected. The overall positivity rate of the country has remained at 4.9 percent since the onset of the epidemic.

In Maharashtra, this rate is 23%. If you look at the
state-wise daily positive positivity rate, you will find that the infection situation is terrible in some states. On 24 March, the daily test positivity rate in Maharashtra stood at 23 percent, while Punjab had 5.6%, Chhattisgarh 4.8%, Kerala 3.4% and Karnataka 2%.

Infection growth increased by 8% in
two weeks During the last two weeks, new cases of infection in the country registered an increase of 7.7%. On an average, 42,162 new cases were reported in the country every day in the past week. Whereas on an average 23,137 new cases were being registered in the country every day a week earlier. That is, about 7.7 percent more new cases were reported every day in the previous week than a week ago.

Ten days early cases exceeded 40 thousand
New cases of daily infection in the country took only 11 days to reach 20 thousand to 42 thousand. While it took 21 days to cross the figure in the first wave of Corona. Then around 3 July, 20 thousand new cases were coming every day, which reached 42 thousand after reaching 24 July.

Capacity was reduced Check
grew from infection rapidly since last February 15 but the government to take necessary steps such as providing Kovid -19 examine samples deal did not take seriously. If you look at the data of ICMR, from 20 February to the next 27 days, every day in the country, from seven lakh to nine lakh, more than a few tests have been done. The figure reached one million on the 28th day, there has been some increase in daily investigations since then, but it is not continuous. By doing more tests and random tests, patients who have no symptoms of corona in their body can be detected and inadvertently keep spreading the infection to others.


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