There are signs of decreasing pace of corona infection in the country. For the past nine consecutive days, not only new cases of infection have decreased, but the number of deaths and the number of active patients has also decreased. During this period, the number of daily deaths has been less than thousand and the number of new cases has been below 80 thousand. While the number of healthy people has been seen to increase.

Experts say that despite much investigation, the reduction in cases is a good sign. According to ICMR, a total of 8,78,72,093 samples have been tested till October 11 in the country. On Sunday, 9,94,851 samples were examined.

According to the Union Health Ministry, 66,732 new cases of corona have been reported and 816 infected have died in the last 24 hours on Monday. However, 71,559 people have recovered. This is the lowest number of new patients in the last nine days.

The number of deaths in the last 24 hours is 102 less than the day before. At the same time, more than one thousand people lost their lives due to corona every day in September.

Six times healthier than 
active cases: The number of people recovering from corona is about six times more than the number of active cases of infection. The number of people recovering from new cases of corona has been higher in the country for three consecutive weeks. The health rate in the country has increased to 86.4%.

The five states that have the highest number of cases, the most healthy: 
While Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh are at the top in terms of infection, these states are also the most healthy. 83% of patients in Maharashtra, 93% in Andhra Pradesh, 82% in Karnataka, 92% in Tamil Nadu and 89% in Uttar Pradesh have recovered. Also, in the five states which have the highest 61 percent active cases in the country, more than half of the 54.3 percent patients have become healthy.

Vaccine: Phase III trials will begin soon 
. According to the Ministry of Health, the Corona vaccine may be available in the country by March 2021. About three vaccines are currently in their final stages of testing. India is running Phase II trials on three-dose vaccines of Bharat Biotech and Cadila Healthcare. The third phase investigation will start soon.

After nine days of the event:
the day the case died
October 4 75 829 940
5 October 74 442 903
October 6 61 267 864
7 October 72 049 986
October 8 78 524 971
9 October 70 496 964
October 10 73 272 926
11 October 74 383 918
October 12 66 732 816
Source: Ministry of Health

notes –
– Total Cases: 71,20,538
– Healthy: 61,49,535 (86.4%)
– Active cases: 8,61,853 (12.1%)
– Deaths: 1,09,150 (1.5%)

Increased cases in the country:
– 10 lakh to 20 lakh: 21 days
– 20 lakh to 30 lakh: 16 days
– 30 lakh to 40 Lakh: 13 days
– 40 Lakh to 50 Lakh: 11 days
– 50 Lakh to 60 Lakh: 12 days
– 60 Lakh to 70 Lakh: 13 days


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