Navratri will begin from October 17. This time in the temples of the city, due to the corona, there will be no movement, people will worship with social distancing. This time there is no increase in the rate of pooja material, food stuff. However, the fruits will surely be expensive, as most of the farmers themselves destroyed the crop when the demand ended in lockdown.  

Starting from October 17, in Navratri, shops of various wholesale grocer shops in the city have started selling items of worship, items eaten during the fast, purani chunni, coconut and nuts. However, retail sellers have not decorated their own shops. This is definitely so, this time the rate of flower is expected to increase more and the rate of fruit can also increase slightly. Here, preparations are going on in temples. The priests are definitely claiming that there will be worship with social distancing.

Worship will not increase the rate of material : There is a relief news for the worshipers in Navratri that the items of worship in Navratri may be cheaper than before, but will not get expensive. The coconut which was sold for 40 rupees, will also be available for Rs 35-40 this time too. The paan which was used to get 5 rupees, will now get only 3 rupees. Samak rice, poultry flour, sabudana, peanut rate will also not increase in any way. There is a slight change in the rate of incense sticks. Grocery wholesaler Vipin Jain claims that there is no increase in the rate of worship and food content. Almond rates have dropped from 720 to Rs 580 per kg. Cashew and raisin rates have also not increased.

Crop wastage in lockdown: Farmers destroyed crop due to no consumption of flowers in lockdown. Even now the flower consumption is extremely low. This is the reason why marigold flower can sell up to Rs 300 a kg. Rose flower is also expected to be sold for Rs 300 per kg, Guldavari flower is also available for Rs 350 per kg. Full seller Govind says that Corona completely abolished flower cultivation. This is why flowers will be expensive.

Prices of fruits also started to increase: If the fruit seller Mukesh Gulpadia believes, the pomegranate has been increased from Rs 80 per kg to Rs 120 per kg. Chiku is being sold from 100 to 120 kg, apple 60 to 80 kg. Shopkeepers claim that by Navratri, the rate of fruit may increase a bit more. Kuldeep Awasthi, the priest of Shri Shiva Ji Maharaj Balram Ji Temple (Hanuman Mandir), located in Ambedkar Chowk, says that he will take care of social distancing. 


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