The Health Department of Uttarakhand has released a guide line for exhibitions, fairs, religious-cultural events and entertainment parks for the festive season. No events have been approved in the Containment Zone. The Health Department has issued guidelines for all DMs and CMOs based on the guidelines of the Central Government. 

Crowd programs are not allowed: On Friday, Secretary Health Dr. Pankaj Kumar Pandey issued a directive that in the Containment Zone, any kind of religious worship, programs, fairs, cultural programs, processions and crowd gathering Will not be allowed.

Touching of idols is prohibited: Touching of idols will be prohibited in religious places and puranas of Navratri. The administration will have to make adequate arrangements for regular cleaning, thermal screening and sanitization.

People celebrate festivals in homes It 
has been emphasized in the guidelines of Health Department that people should celebrate festivals by staying in their homes. Elderly people over 65 years, children younger than ten years and pregnant women have been advised to stay at home.

Immersion will decide the location
will decide where the idol immersion in Navratri. Very few people will be approved during immersion. There will be approval to play record songs in pandals. But singing groups will not be approved.
Swimming pool not approved: Opening of amusement park has been approved, but swimming pool has not been approved.

These will have to be followed – the program site will have to be identified and the action plan prepared.
– Murthy immersion, approval will not be given to more people than the prescribed number at the rally.
Availability of ambulance service in long distance rally and procession is necessary.
The guide line released for theater and cinema artists will also apply to stage performers.
– Thermal screening, social distance will have to be followed, sanitation will have to be strengthened.


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