There may be increased concern about the world fighting the corona infection. Russia said on Saturday that its scientists have detected transmission of bird flu H5N8 strain to humans. This is the first time this strain of bird flu has been detected in humans. After this, the World Health Organization has been alerted. The Russian health official said, “Information about bird flu (H5N8) infection reaching humans has been reported to the World Health Organization.”

This strain of bird flu is highly contagious and is fatal for birds, but it was never spread in humans before. The head of Russia’s health monitoring department, Anna Popova, said that its scientists have isolated the genetic material of the strain from seven employees of a poultry farm in the Vector Lab. Bird flu spread in December here.

He also said that there has been no serious impact on the health of these employees, mild symptoms were found in them and have recovered. Popova called the discovery important, saying that this time will tell if the virus can mutate. Popova said, “The discovery of this mutation is important at a time when the virus has not yet had the potential for human-to-human infection, giving us and the entire world time to prepare against potential mutations.”

According to the WHO website, human infections with the A (H5) virus are rare and are often found in people who are exposed to sick or dead infected birds. It can also cause serious illness or death in humans. Between 2014 and November 2016, 16 cases of avian flu H5N6 have been reported, of which 6 died.


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