Combination of plasma and remodevir therapy is proving to be largely effective in saving the lives of corona patients. When the doctors of GSVM Medical College started using these two therapies equally in the treatment of moderate and severe patients of Corona, then the graph of deaths came down. Earlier, where five patients were dying every day, now it has come down to one to three.

Doctors treated at the Medical College’s Halot Neuro Covid Hospital have prepared a case study using both these therapies. However, 28 out of 80 lives could not be saved even after both therapies. More than half of these corona patients (Level-3) were already comorbid. He underwent one or two doses of Remedisivir injection and climbed a unit of plasma. Meanwhile, he died. 

In the beginning of this therapy, which was more effective on moderate patients , doctors started using it on eight patients according to timing. Seven of them survived. After this, its use was further extended. The study report of both the therapists of the doctors said that it has gained a lot on the moderate (level-2) corona patients. It succeeded in saving the lives of 80 percent of the moderate patients. According to doctors, if the dose of Remedisvir is given in time, then the death rate of corona virus increases. At the same time, when the patient gets the plasma of the corona winners, the immunity to fight the virus starts strengthening. Therefore, its advantage is more exposed in the middle position. 

There is still
another problem with this therapy on kidney patients that plasma therapy can be given to kidney patients but has to be avoided. Therefore it is difficult to save such patients. 

The results of remadecivir-plasma therapy have been better. Timing matters in this. By using both, 30 percent of serious and 80 percent of moderate patients have been saved. This experiment will be continued further. Doctors will also share with the ICMR by making reports of both therapies. Also, the principal is also being informed about this. – Dr. SK Gautam, Associate Professor, GSVM Medical College

Remadecivir is effective, but even if plasma therapy is started, the serious patient is also out of danger. Therefore, it becomes easier for doctors to save their lives if the level 2 patients of Corona arrive on time. Efforts are being successful. – Dr. Anil Verma, Nodal Officer, Halot Neuro Covid ICU


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