In view of Corona, the Gujarat government has banned the holding of garba programs in the state on Friday during the upcoming Navratri festival. The festival of Navratri starts this time from October 17.

The state government said that no garba program will be allowed in the state during Navratri. Standard operating procedures have also been issued, with an emphasis on treating people appropriately to prevent the corona from spreading. The government will allow mass worship, but the number of people attending it should not exceed 200. The prayer time is set to one hour. Community worship programs also have to be approved first.

Banning of events from Navratri to Deepawali, the state government said that burning of effigies of Ravana, Ramlila Yatra, rally, fair, exhibition will not be allowed from Navratri to Deepawali. Under standard operating procedure, a hundred people can gather on the occasion, such as a wedding or a funeral.  


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