The outbreak of Corona has weakened the festivities of Teej festivals in the country. However, with the help of social media and information technology, the organizers are trying to break through the difficulties of the epidemic. In this sequence, preparations are now being made to get garbage online.  

Online garba programs are being prepared during the Navratri festival in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, in which participants will be able to attend from their homes. District Magistrate Manish Singh, quoting government guidelines on Sunday, said that for the prevention of corona, Garba programs have not been allowed to be organized in the traditional way at Navdurgotsav this time. Meanwhile, some local organizers have found out this method.

Online training is also being given to the participants through social media. Garba instructor Aarti Maheshwari said that we are teaching the dance of garba to the participants through live telecast on social media. He said that during the festival, these participants would be connected through a video conference app and they would be able to gargle in their homes on time. During this time, the song and music will be broadcast live and the participants will be seen in traditional garba costumes.

Some organizers are not in favor of this –
some organizers do not consider the new trend of online garb to be right for religious traditions. Neeraj Yagnik said that this time due to government prohibition there will not be a traditional event and he is not in favor of online garba. He said that Garba is a religious event, which is performed by the devotees in front of the statue established by the law of Durga Devi.


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