Cooperative Banking: Beware Of Fraudsters Ruth: the law is fully established Assembly meeting for Start your training today is This meeting will be considered One of the bills considered Connection with Karna Mekhala It is with the chest. The General Director of the Cooperative Sector Creates a companionship that helps the process. The minister said that the bill aims at V.N. Vasavan made it clear. For people in times of crisis, A Breathtaking Parallel Economy Co-operative movement in the form of Govt steps to take forward As part of the efforts to Let’s see.

House of Cooperative Institutions Sarkar Ni Increasing the control The Law of Co-operation Bringing skill. The members of the Bharana Samiti Lavdhi is being shortened into two terms In the early measures bill It is approaching. He became a member of the Standing Committee Turn and commit fraud This eliminates the possibility of Kaya is the goal. Cooperative committee members The relationship between people and people Loan details year Presented at the General Assembly There will be a system for counting only Increase the value of the mortgaged property Showing the loan Take some steps to prevent it There will also be

Beware of scams If applicable, E Police no Tapati is accepting The report will also give the authority There is a Co-operative Joint Registrar the investigation and audit team Including examination of Rana Act No All taps are completed It should be done in a different way Don’t come to plant seeds It is time to investigate Creating the world. Those who cheated this Stop changing year after year Ukayanu is determined with Bhedagati Doing

The first state in Karuvannur Some cooperative banks in the country Fraud of huge crores In Hakarna banking sector The future that raises concerns He brought a new bill to the capital coming Cheated bank managers Efforts to eliminate the possibility of It should not be from the driver’s side It is inevitable. You acted against the criminals You are the one who is coming and going If it is not available, it is also empty I have to read. Expert in Bharana Samiti It is also a good move to enforce n.

However, the bank faced fraud Ray’s rules were strengthened Come on, it’s not just because of it Column. Political protection for criminals Must be. When the fence eats the crop itself The political approach closes the eyes If you accept the number then appoint What to do. The fraudsters are political parties As the leaders of the parties There are political issues Follow the same rules A late-night companion is also being created. That’s how Varumpol Sahakarana Ba The reliability of the area That’s why it’s fading. If the co-operative sector fails, Kerala There are big repercussions Kumennu does not need to say anything.

The issue of corruption As the centers of the status and co-Karna institutions should not be changed. Sarka to ensure that Let Ri. Karuvannur bank fraud Blinded by the law As the days go by 30 lakh rupees have been bid. Runnayal’s wife gets treatment without money Died. Nikshepams have been distributed as needed You are crawling without being able to speak Ravdhi’s name is like this victim of loan fraud He closed his eyes and closed his eyes Not to be reckoned with.

Earlier, in the Legislature, According to the calculation Nikshepanga even after the deadline 164 cannot be returned. There are hacking groups. Allegations of loan fraud have been raised Closer to him Thrissur Kuttenallu is in Kalil R Service Co-operative Bank Bharana Samiti was dismissed Administered administration arrived Before and after 100 years V It’s hard to breathe There are stairs in this area The essence is that there is. Your hard-earned money Visit the nearest cooperative institution. The future of the project is its strength. Fraudsters target ordinary people. Lying. Not in the name of politics, but in the name of one. Don’t complain.


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