Controversy Sparks Over Offside Rule: Every World Cup (Qatar World Cup 2022) teaches us something new. The World Cup is a learning platform not only for footballers but also for referees like us. And now every major competition is trying to improve refereeing. New technologies are being used. As a result, the referees are also getting benefits.

In my opinion, the most talked about World Cup in Qatar is the use of technology in offside viewing. Earlier, video assistant referees used to check offside. But this time it is being done on a bigger scale. 12 cameras have been installed specifically for this purpose. I also heard that the chip has been installed. Then with the help of the robot, it is checked whether it is offside. It is called Semi-Automatic Offside Technology. Many people say that the beauty of football is being lost due to technology. The game is losing momentum due to repeated shutdowns. The artistic side of the game is taking a back seat due to the presence of instruments. After the hands of robots, football is becoming mechanical. I see many such posts on social media. Many have messaged me.

These words are not lies. But I will say, there is no way for the neutrality of the game without using technology. Playing according to the rules, the victory of the deserving team can be ensured only through the use of technology. Let me give an example of cricket. At one time there was no choice but to accept the decision of the field umpire in cricket. During Sunil Gavaskar’s tenure, there was no way to tell whether the ball hit the bat or the pad in terms of lbw. Or Sachin Tendulkar getting wrong out many times by Steve Buckner. Imagine, if they had the facility to take DRS! Needless to say, both of them would have scored a few more centuries. How many match results are now changing for DRS? Qualified teams are more likely to win. Technology is doing the same in football.
In the World Cup, it is seen someone is given an offside because someone has a little elbow out or someone puts their head a little forward. Many are questioning why offside is being given even for a small amount like this. Hey, that’s what the laws of football say. According to the law, if any part of the body crosses the line, it is offside. What technology is doing is following the law. Previously, it was not always possible to detect using conventional technology. Now everything is being caught in the eyes of the robot. And as a result, the chances of winning the worthy team are increasing. For example Saudi Arabia vs Argentina (Saudi Arabia vs Argentina) match. Without the device, Messi’s goals would not have been disallowed. In that case, Saudi would not have won the match even if they played such good football.

I think there is so much debate about semi-automatic offside technology because it is not known as such. I heard that this technology was used only in the Club World Cup earlier. How many people see that competition? The World Cup has a lot of spectators. Everything is new and unfamiliar to them. Earlier, the question of ‘load’ has also been raised. They have stopped. Questions raised about this technology will also stop at some point. (Author FIFA Referee)


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