Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi has got a big relief. Attorney General KK Venugopal turned down advocate Vineet Jindal’s demand that he be allowed to initiate criminal contempt proceedings against Congress leader Rahul Gandhi. Explain that under Section 15 of the Law of Contempt of the Supreme Court and Rule 3 of the Rules, consent of the Supreme Court or Solicitor General is required for the action of contempt.

In fact, advocate Vineet Jindal wrote a letter to Attorney General (AG) KK Venugopal requesting permission to initiate criminal contempt proceedings against Congress leader Rahul Gandhi. He said that the Congress leader has made lewd comments against the Indian judiciary and tarnishing its dignity.

However, Venugopal disagreed over Jindal’s demand, saying that Rahul Gandhi had made a “general” statement on the judiciary and did not specifically target the Supreme Court or the judges. There is no question of giving my consent. In any event, I am of the opinion that the statements under consideration undermine the authority of the institution from the public’s perspective.

Jindal has also cited Rahul’s recent interview in the letter, in which the Congress leader said, “There is a legal system in this country in which everyone has 100 percent freedom to raise their voice.” It is very clear that the BJP is seating its people in all these institutions or systems. It is quite clear that they are taking away the institutional structure of this country. ‘

He further said that Rahul is blaming the judicial system of the country. He has disrespected the Indian judiciary. He reminded that in the case of remarks against the Prime Minister, the apex court closed the contempt case against him by warning him to be cautious in future.


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